Understanding the difference between purchasing the solar system with Solar System, Inc. VS signing a lease.

Our team at Solar System Inc. consists of residents from the neighborhoods of the San Francisco Bay Area (San Jose, Los Gatos, Cupertino, Pleasanton and more) Inquiries about more information regarding solar systems energy became quite noticeable. Popularized companies offering leasing options have a history of being misleading, expensive in the long-term, using high pressure sales tactics with little concern for the customer.

Benefits of Ownership:

Owning your power generating system has financial and environmental benefits. Solar technology and price have come to an efficient and affordable junction that allows homeowners to benefit from being eco-friendly. Each solar system consists of fixed parts that need little more than a bi-annual rinse/dusting for maintenance purposes. When you purchase the system it also increases the property value of your house. See the link below for information on how a beneficial investment solar can be for you and your family.
“Buyers were willing to pay $15,000 more for a home with the average-size solar [PV] system (3.6 kilowatts), or about four additional dollars per watt of solar power” Solar Power World

Dangers involved in leasing

» 30% of the system purchase price only can be redeemed by the system owner
» Contract term of 20-25 years property to a lien for the duration of obligate term
» Difficult and unpleasant process in transferring pre-agreed lease terms when selling property
» Continuance of depending on a third party for utility needs, and increasing rates

Let Solar System, Inc. earn your business and assist you in maximizing your financial return while investing in renewable energy for your household electricity needs. Our consultants will schedule a meeting to provide you and your family with a dedicated personalized service.

Federal Tax Credit

As a part of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act (2008), solar investment tax credits (ITC) are aimed to assist the purchase of clean and renewable energy technology along with energy efficient improvements. When you buy a Solar System you are entitled receive 30% of the system cost as a tax credit. This one-time incentive is designed to carry over if not applied fully to the first year. The solar (ITC) is only payable to the system owner in order to promote investment in green energy for residences and commercial sites.

Solar Act

Enacted in 1978, The Solar Act prevents HOAs and local government agencies from interfering with your solar system installation. The act also prevents neighboring homes from objecting or work against the solar install.

Solar Shade Act

The Shade Act prevents your solar system from being blocked from sunshine, optimizing your energy production. Enacted in 1978, protects solar system owners from any possible neighboring parties planting or installing objects that could block sun exposure to pre-installed systems.